Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Imaginary Friends

by Carol Thomas

This blog post was inspired by a conversation we had at the social on Wednesday. I was talking about my daughters ‘Imaginary Friends’ and it started me thinking about how we, as writers, spend most of our time with imaginary people.

My daughter started talking to her imaginary friends when she was 2. They were her hands and she called the right one Onion and the left one Heddy. Onion was naughty and would pull Olivia’s clothes and push her off the bed and Heddy was good and would talk Olivia into eating broccoli. One of the creepiest moments was when I told Onion that if he didn’t behave he would have to leave and he told me, “You can’t make me leave I am attached to Olivia.”  It was about 4 or 5 years before she stopped talking to them.

As well as Onion and Heddy she seemed to have other ‘friends’ that she would talk to in her bedroom. If she came in from school with a certificate for something she would disappear into the bedroom with it behind her back and we would hear, “You guys look what I won.”

She was really into Hannah Montana at the time!

Even now she still talks to herself when she is on her own. I think that writers do the same they just tend to keep it inside their heads.

I have never been worried by it although I remember my family used to find it strange when she talked to her hands! I think it helped with her speech and her creativity.

Either that or she is mad like me!


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