Friday, October 5, 2012

Murdering People

by Carol Thomas

The novel I am working on at the moment is a thriller and I am at the editing stage. It didn’t start life as a thriller; it started out as a romance. I had an idea that I would have my hero and heroine meeting at a graveyard! They would both be mourning the loss of their partners who had died 6 months previously and would become friends. The story was meant to be about other people’s prejudices.

The story was buzzing round in my head for several weeks without a word being written. Then we went to visit my in-laws. I was in the conservatory with my story going round when it happened! My hero didn`t take to kindly to the heroine trying to stop seeing him. Then I realised he actually wanted to be a psychopathic stalker. These things happen sometimes!

So now I had this new version going round and I was really excited. I realised for him to murder people he might need help. Then a new character came along who is hidden and the reader doesn`t get to actually meet him. Then something insane happened and I realised this could be the main character for my sequel! I hadn`t even started writing the first one and my mind was trying to start working on the sequel.

I wrote the first draft frantically, and then put it away to rest while I worked on a different genre. I did take a long time to get back to editing the piece, which was good because I had loads of new ideas for it, so it has turned into more of a re-write than an edit.

The sequel I will hopefully work on for NaNoWriMo this year. I had better get planning!

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