Monday, August 20, 2012


‘There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it's like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges’. -- Ernest Hemingway
What’s the hardest and most desired thing for a writer? I sit and ask myself.  

Clearly having a little something to say and make it sound interesting. Correct?  Most of us can develop our writing skills, techniques, grammar and even improve our vocabulary.  We can be passionate about writing but can we learn to ‘inspire’ ourselves? And that’s what’s essential for all of us ‘artists’: Divine Inspiration.
We live in a demanding society where a lot is expected from us. We want for things to happen fast and exactly as they’re ‘supposed’ to be. But inspiration is something you can’t force or ‘make happen’. We think we have it all figured out; when and how it should happen and constantly with a deadline but sadly that’s not how inspiration works.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we just sat down and words simply flew perfectly by themselves? For some of us ‘Late evening’ people a good idea hit’s us in the dark hours and as we grow older and memory seems to ‘desert’ us post it notes come to the rescue. Post it notes; what would the world do without them? Stacked on top of each other, suggesting a line or a new story. Sometimes all I see around me is bright pink and yellow little sticky papers covering what used to once be picture frames, a lamp or the living room window.
One thing is beyond shadow of a doubt: Our memories won’t always be there to accompany us to our older days, so we can’t risk losing them.

Regardless how old fashioned it may appear; carrying around a note pad to ensure it’s all jotted down is a safe option. At times it feels as if the thoughts, ideas and different scenarios are racing through our minds like a Ferrari on top speed, quicker than they could ever be scribbled down on a piece of paper. It’s Sod’s law however that a pencil won’t be handy at that precise moment or that the only pen available won’t be working no matter how much you give it a gentle blow or you force it to write!
Where is the best place to burst those brilliant ideas when they finally appear and there is no time to waste? Inspiration just like writing requires concentration and sometimes isolation; but this last one is debatable. As we live in a very modern world with constant distraction that would be highly unlikable for most of us. In fact inspiration can come in loud cafes for some as much as writing in a wicker chair by the sea could work for others.

Personally the ultimate place I find inspiration in is my flat. Besides the awful feeling of being in solitary confinement, even at the quietest moments the distraction of the washing that needs to be done, or the toys that have been left on the living room floor won’t allow me to sit there and think. In the back of my head the thought of how much tidying up and housework needs to be done is a constant reminder. It’s so much easier to simply shut the door behind me leaving the mess for the ‘Magic Cleaning Fairy’ to tidy up. Meanwhile I attempt to get inspired with a jogging session or inside a loud cafe; preferably without interruptions.
Shower is definitely an inspirational location. There should be a scientific reasoning and I hope one day someone can explain it to me as this place seems to work for lots of different artists! Whether it’s a hot bubble bath or a warm shower, throw in a little tune too and it will certainly pay off.  Now you’re clean, happy and inspired!  Whoever came up with the waterproof iPod idea is a true inventor but that’s not the last of the brilliant technology for inspiration in the shower. The coolest invention yet is a waterproof pad and pencil that will enable those flowing thoughts and brilliant ideas not to go down the drain. Who says gadgets are only for geeks?

When the ideas come down like a summery rain storm, talk aloud to yourself. Don’t simply listen to the little voice inside your head but actually slip those thoughts out your mouth. Shut your eyes and visualize the scene. Saying it out loud helps us sound more ‘human like’ and creates a more realistic scene. Inspiration is about being able to shape an idea. Perhaps it sounds silly but performing this ‘act’ will reaffirm whether the little voice inside your head was right!  
Finally the most significant bit of inspiration is to not give up hope. Despite the fact that some days the hope of a brilliant idea simply isn’t an option, not quitting is essential. Inspiration is about doing things a little differently. Listen to a song, go for a run or go to the movies by yourself.  Do something different on a regular basis so that routine doesn’t bore you or rule your life.

And like Lewis Carroll once said: ‘Always speak the truth, think before you speak, and write it down afterwards’.
Love it Addi! So guys? How do you find your inspiration?

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