Friday, June 1, 2012

Being a Part-Time Writer is a Full-Time Job

This week it's Anna's turn to share her thoughts with us.

No time to write today, I have to:

·         Link to my new book (No Escape) on Shelfari so that it appears on the widget on my blog

·         Update my Facebook page

·         Read a recently published book and post reviews on Amazon, Shelfari and Goodreads so that the author will return the favour and give me some publicity for No Escape.

·         Add an Amazon link to my blog so that readers can buy No Escape.

·         Fix a problem with my author website and check that it is up to date.

·         Arrange to have my profile put on an online Author Network.

·         Send a chapter of a current work-in progress to a beta reader.

·         Beta read two novels and report in detail to the authors regarding suggested improvements.

·         Research the cost of antique suits of armour for Blackwood, a work-in-progress about an antique shop.

·         Look into the possibility of doing a blog tour and make the necessary contacts.

·         Research the submission requirements for UK agents (they all seem to want something different) and update my Agents database with the latest rejections.

·         Send Emon and the Emperor to another UK agent.

·         Write a blog post about useful tools for writers on MS Word for my blog

·         Research software for writers, including Scrivener and Writeway.

·         Write a flash fiction piece for Writebulb

·         Read “Writing Magazine” for tips.

Anyway, at least I've got "make an Author to-do list" out of the way.

Thanks Anna, for showing us the reality - now we can go back to our daydreams of how easy we wish it could be!


  1. If only it was just about the writing!

  2. And all that's without being a full-time housewife and superstar :)
    Makes you wish you just typed your manuscript, sent it off to your editor and sat back and waited for the royalty cheques... (in my dreams...)

  3. Can I just say that I love a good "To Do" list. :)

    But your list had me nodding my head, Anna!