Saturday, March 3, 2012

Essex Book Festival Launch

On Thursday the Essex Book Festival was launched at Chelmsford Library and it was a big success with BBC Essex transmitting live, providing background music for us, and holding interviews with local authors and publishers! Check out the Dave Monk show at 9am Thursday 1st on to hear them - but be aware that BBC iPlayer only hold onto programmes for a week before deleting them!

Immediately upon entry you encountered Jane, holding court at the Friends of Essex Book Festival table. It’s unclear how many people she managed to ensnare by being in such a prominent position – hopefully we’ll find out soon! J

It wasn’t just for adults though; there was plenty to occupy the children. Just Imagine, the children’s bookstore had a stall selling their books and advertising their groups, elsewhere there was a table where you could make your own bookmarks.

Towards the back of the area was the section for reading and writing groups. Believe it or not, Writebulb weren’t the only ones there. I had quite a nice chat with the guy from the Brentwood Writer’s Circle who was at the next table. Thank you to Justine, Bev and Chris for coming down to help out! A few people stopped by and showed some interest – so with any luck we might get a few more members!

There were a few low points to the event though. The groups were a little too far out of the way – almost like we were the poor relations and we didn’t get as much traffic as those in the main area. Another low point was the organisation. I was talking with the deputy mayor and he said that he was invited along as he is an author; he was very disappointed that his book was nowhere to be seen.

Overall it was an amazing morning and there was a general buzz of excitement from the very young to the very old about the wonderful world of books, a world that continues to capture the locals of Essex if the big turn-out is anything to go by!

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  1. Great blog, Maria it was a great morning, wasn't it? It would've been lovely for Writebulb to be in a more prominent position but you were in great company with Sylvia Kent and the Society of Women Writers and Journalists! Space in the Library was really tight but I think the Team did a great job in organising the Festival and accommodating everyone (especially as most of them are volunteers!).