Sunday, December 11, 2011

Writebulb's Future's Bright :o)

Writebulb had its twelfth meeting yesterday and it’s hard to believe we’ve been running for a year now. We’ve seen some changes throughout the year; members come and go but the meetings are always fun and a great way to connect with others who understand the solitary business of writing.
I’m excited to announce we’ve added some new things to our monthly meeting format to reflect the interests and desires of our members (which is what Writebulb is all about) and I am so pleased that we have finished the year on a positive note and feel ready to stretch ourselves and continue to grow throughout the next year. I hope you like our new format:
1.    Monthly meetings at Chelmsford Library, first floor meeting room, 2-4 pm on the second Saturday of every month will continue. Refreshments provided – just bring pen and paper. These meetings offer an opportunity to connect with other members to discuss anything writing-related at all. Some members like to set goals for themselves for the following month and look back at their achievements during the previous month, but this is not compulsory! We also like to complete a writing exercise, which can be read out or kept personal – this is entirely the choice of the individual – no pressure!
2.    ‘Socials’. We appreciate that not everyone can get to Chelmsford on a Saturday afternoon and so we are offering meetings throughout the year on a weekday evening. These are not formal meetings but offer the opportunity to meet in a social setting and to get to know each other a little better. The first social will be Wednesday, 4th January 2012 at the Fox and Raven Pub, Chelmer Village, CM2 6NL, 7.30 pm.
3.    Every member will have an opportunity to write blog posts which will really reflect the diversity of our interests and writing. We will also seek guest bloggers which will add yet a further dimension and will hopefully create a blog we all can’t wait to read.
4.   Flash fiction challenge. This is being tried this month for the first time. The brief is to write a piece (poetry, fiction, article....your choice), maximum 850 words, including all of the following: a black cloud, commuting, a bridge, a giant sneeze, a smile, a theme park, a puddle and a silver ring. If you wish, you can email your piece to other members who are taking part and please state if you would like feedback at the meeting, in private, or not at all. If you would like feedback, please ensure you email your piece by 6th January so that members have a week to read and review it. If you would like to participate in this, please drop me an email so I can add you to the flash fiction group.
5.     We thought it would be fun to have a biography page on our blog. Just a few lines about your interests, achievements, hopes and dreams or what you like to eat for tea....anything you like at all. The point is to let others see what Writebulb is all about – its members.
6.     We also have a team working on an anthology which is scheduled to be completed by 1st March – a very exciting project indeed!

I would like to wish all our members a very happy Christmas and to those who have thought a writing group might be for them – come and give us a try....we’re a friendly bunch and you’ll find a warm welcome.