Monday, August 29, 2011

Words change lives

Three words changed my life.

Several months ago I went to my best friend's BBQ. When I arrived I didn't know any of the other guests. When someone asked me what I did I said "I'm a writer."

Two days later one of the other guests, a photographer, commissioned me to write copy for her website.

A month ago the same photographer referred me to a colleague who was looking for screenwriters. I made my pitch, my idea was accepted, and I'm on the third draft of my first screenplay. I'm getting professional feedback and learning a lot about how different writing for the screen is compared to prose.

Now, I'm not a full-time writer but I think of myself as a writer first. If I had said that I worked in IT and also write I don't think that commission would have come through.

Believing myself to be a writer motivated me to finish my novel early. As I write this, the same novel has topped Amazon UK's Gay Fiction chart for the third day running and it has been out for just two weeks.

Three words changed my life.

"I'm a writer."

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