Friday, August 26, 2011


Summer’s coming to a close and soon the dark nights will be upon us.  So why not start a new writing regime this September to get you through the winter months?  You can prepare by:

Eradicating obsolete items from your writing space.  Don’t throw any papers away but organise yourself and your area by setting up a filing system so you can find things easily.  Perhaps sort them into reference material, works in progress, ideas and forthcoming events or deadlines.

Preparing some outlines of things you’d like to work on.  Nothing too detailed, just some notes and ideas.  This will give you a focus when you actually do sit down to write.

Treating yourself to something new.  A new notebook or pen.  A new mouse or flashdrive.  Remember when you were at school?  Wasn’t it great to start afresh with good intentions and new kit?!

Engaging your senses.  Are you visually soothed?  A nice photo or clipping from a magazine may put you in the writing zone.  Or maybe it’s a bunch of flowers or scented candle perched on your desk or kitchen table.  Or it could be a bit of Mozart or Motorhead!

Making space in your diary.  You make time to go to the dentist or hairdresser, so pencil in some time for the months ahead.   By taking yourself seriously you’re more likely to achieve your goals.  This is your writing time so give it the commitment it deserves.

Buying a copy of the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook.  It’s packed full of industry tips and competitions.  Or perhaps buy a writing magazine or borrow a book from the library.  Reading about the craft is a great way to get those creative juices flowing.

Envisaging the time you have set for yourself to write.  This will stay within your subconscious helping you to stick to your allotted times.  Also, you’ll probably find you get more out of your writing time as ideas ferment in the depths of your mind.

Realising that life sometimes gets in the way of your plans.  Be kind to yourself and don’t be too rigid.  Spending time with friends or family is fun and can provide rich material for your writing.  So don’t beat yourself up if your writing plans go awry but take it as a compliment that people seek out your company.  Remember to keep a balance in life – your writing will be all the better for it!

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  1. Great advice, Jane. Thank you. I'm going to implement all of these suggestions so I can live life AND get my next novel finished ;)