Monday, August 1, 2011

Do I look bovvered?

I'm sitting outside in my garden, a cup of tea is near to hand, my cats are both curled up on a chair next to me and the bats have started their evening bat run, i.e. flying in a straight line up the garden towards me before hanging a right when they get to the shed. Yes, I'm in a chilled out mood and feeling far from bovvered about anything. What started off this mellow feeling? I went on Facebook earlier this evening and re-read again (just because I like reading it) that James, one of the Writebulb members had finally finished his book after 10 years. He gave Writebulb a big thumbs up and said that joining the group gave him the push he needed to finish the book. This made me think of our first meeting in January and just how much Writebulb has developed in such a short space of time.

From the very beginning we aimed to create an open, supportive community of writers dedicated to developing their writing skills, to provide a nurturing environment that would help each member reach their goals, to give them a place where they felt they had a voice, to identify opportunities for learning and to have plenty of fun along the way. We were, and still are, enthusiastic amateur writers. None of us were involved in the publishing industry in a professional way so our aims were (heck, still are...) quite ambitious. 

I know that all of us founder members have enjoyed the journey so far. Yes, we've had our difficult times because it's been harder than we thought to find the time to maintain the blog and facebook, to pull together ideas for the meetings and even arranging to meet up to go through things can be a nightmare, but we've always managed to pull together a meeting. We've had authors in to speak about their work and experiences, we took part in the launch of the Essex Book Festival, we're going to pull together an anthology - we've not done too bad considering!

We've all learned a lot along the way and, frankly, it amazes me that when I speak at the meetings I can see people scribbling the information down! I don't know a lot but what I do know is there to be shared with everyone, not hoarded away, and I know that all Writebulb members feel the same way. 

I'm so pleased that James has finished his book but far from that being the end of the story, it's only the beginning - now he's got to let other people read it, then market it and then start the second book!  I have a feeling that quite a few of our members are hot on his heels and whilst we have such enthusiastic budding writers we will do our very best to support them.

So, do I look bovvered? Not at the moment I have to admit.

Can I be bovvered? When it comes to supporting Writebulb, why yes I can.


  1. We have all come such a long way, haven't we? And I'm proud that we've picked up some fellow writers on the way. I'm so proud of you. I'm proud of James. I'm proud of every writer who is realising their dream.

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  3. Sometimes I feel as if we've all been jogging along together for ever and it's only when I think back to January this year and I realise how much so many of our members have achieved in such a short time. It's great to have a forum where we're not judged but are encouraged and I know that for me, Writebulb has really given me confidence in my writing ability. Who knows where we'll all be this time next year?

  4. I'm hoping we'll have set up a small eBook press. LOL x