Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Muse Party

I have been wondering whether you all have a muse. Well, as writers I presume you do, so I will re-phrase the question. Do you have a toy, or some such inspirational object, to conjure creative thoughts?
I will confess to having three who all live on my desk. I have a little stuffed rabbit that I mollycoddle and sometimes speak to (I’m throwing in a cursory evil eye here in case you get tempted to tell anyone). I also have a flat felt toy with yellow ‘hair’ who sits propped up against my mug of pens. She has big button eyes, small nose and cat-like whiskers. She reminds me of a sunflower and I am very fond of her.
Finally, there is Monsieur le Frog who is green in colour. He came as a souvenir gift from France and as a result has a very heavy French accent. Sometimes he speaks to me in French but most of the time he croaks in English. He says things like, ‘C’est magnifique!’ or ‘Ze girl is good,’ when he is pleased with me. Sometimes he comes up with a string of French expletives which I tend to ignore.
All my toy muses bring me joy. They are a welcome distraction when the going gets tough and I enjoy touching and talking to them. In fact they are responsible for this post. Honestly, they made me do it.
You can meet them at the next meeting, because I am going to ask you all to a mini muse party. That’s right! At the next meeting which in case you’ve forgotten is on the 9th of July, bring your favourite toy. It could be a pen, a book, a mug (we know Jane owns a mug and a rubber duck as well!), a fluffy stuffed animal, one that squeaks, or even better that teddy bear you’ve had since you were little (I know you still have it).
I have visions of bulbs taking public transport, walking through the High Street or propping up their muses in car passenger seats, to the bemused attention of onlookers. Be brave my bulbs, it is all for the ever worthy cause of having fun!
I’m really looking forward to meeting all your muses. In the meantime, here’s a picture of my button-eyed muse who alas has no name. Does anyone fancy naming her?

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  1. Hmm, names, names, names for your muse? She looks like a flower so how about Black Eyed Susan? That flower has yellow petals with a button-black centre!

    To keep me inspired I create a book cover for whatever I'm working on - it keeps me in tune with the tone and helps me to visualise the completed novel :)