Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Happy Future!

The Writebulb group is, I think I can safely say, getting stronger as each month passes. At the first meeting in January this year, we were all very excited at the prospect of providing writers with the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and encourage others, but we had no idea whether it would survive for very long. Six months later and we're growing, developing into a group that we can all be very proud of.

At the last meeting I was feeling a bit under the weather due to some work done by a dentist (how can anyone ever be a dentist?) but even through a haze of medication I was impressed by how genuinely interested and supportive we each were in the work other members were undertaking.

As we went around the table for updates, it was clear how diverse our interests are - fantasy, science fiction, humour, romance, poetry, journalism, children's books - I think our members cover all the genres (having said that I don't think we have horror... yet!).  We talked about self publishing, marketing, starting a collective work, tweeting, did a quick writing exercise - the two hours just flew by and everyone walked away from the meeting enthused and ready to write!

Writebulb is now ready for the next phase in its development. We want to encourage members to take an active part in its growth, to share their ideas, contribute to the blog, use Writebulb as a platform to shout to the world about the work they are doing - the more we support each other the stronger and more effective Writebulb will become. Here's to the continuing success of Writebulb and to each and every member - Light on, Write on! 

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  1. Who'd have known that when the four of us met in December that we'd be here so fast? We've come such a long way but it still feels fresh and new. I'm excited to see where we'll be this time next year!