Friday, May 20, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

At our last Writebulb meeting we had the pleasure of welcoming Bruce Kennedy Jones as our guest author, a crime reporter by trade with two published novels and a third in the pipeline.

He is an engaging man with a wonderfully dry sense of humour who told tales of his experiences with great comedic effect.  I was entranced by his stories of gangsters and thugs and he had me hanging on his every word.  I must admit that the world of organised crime both fascinates and frightens me.  It is a world very different from mine and one that I hope to never experience first hand!

And that, for me, is the joy of reading and writing.  Reading transports me to other worlds – a place in time, a different planet, a tricky relationship or a whodunit; the possibilities are endless, as can be seen by browsing Waterstones’ shelves.  I like most genres, but all my favourite reads have a common theme:  a tale that is interwoven with a strong factual background.  This makes the story believable and one with which I can identify.

Writing allows me to be nosey in the guise of ‘research’ and to weave the fabric of truth and fiction together in the hopes of creating a believable, fictional story.  Bruce Kennedy Jones has done this incredibly well with the title of his book, The Last Straight Face - a term he invented to mean an ‘honest’ criminal, one who lives by the ‘criminal code’ (whatever that may be!).  There may be such a thing as a criminal code, or there may not, but he’s got me believing!


  1. I really enjoyed listening to Bruce Kennedy Jones - he's just what I expected a crime writer to be like. He'd done a lot of interesting research on the history of crime and it was apparent that really it hasn't changed a great deal over the passage of time! I'm sure he will go on to write many more successful books!

  2. I appreciated the way that Bruce's books grew out of what he did for a career. He really can write what he knows! I think some of the Bulbs might regret missing out on such a great talk...