Sunday, May 15, 2011

Almost there!

It's not often anyone surprises me but yesterday the Writebulb group managed to do just that. We held our monthly meeting and in the break they produced a very, very large cookie with a very, very long message of congratulations on and a couple of bottles of non-alcoholic bubbly stuff (well, we were in the library!). I couldn't believe they'd gone to so much trouble and was totally overwhelmed by the feeling they must be meaning someone else! Yes, I've self published an ebook but it's not as if it's been successful (yet - think positive Kate!) and it's not as if I'd exactly been talent spotted by an agent or anything like that.
But I think that the four of us who set up Writebulb have actually achieved a huge amount in a small period of time. I've got to grips with (okay, still trying...) social media networking and digital media formatting; Brigid is now sub editor of a magazine, joined the NUJ and is incredibly busy; Jane's novel is pulling together and she's doing a huge amount of research and Stu is also busy writing, constructing his novel, getting involved in reviewing and has been asked to write web pages, etc . We are each of us now being acknowledged as writers in one form or another. That's a huge achievement and I'm very proud of all of us.

Light on, Write On Bulbs - we're half way up that mountain!

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  1. You have done so well, Kate and we're all so pleased for are my inspiration!