Saturday, February 26, 2011

Writebulb Logo

Well - we are going from strength to strength.  We have our logo finalised and this now seems to make Writebulb official.  It illustrates that we are taking the group seriously and we have our own 'brand' that we can be identified with - it glues our group together.

It's funny how writing is a solo occupation and yet we feel the same pride in a unifying logo as do social groups such as the Girl Guides or the Rotary Club.  Logos are an expression of our personality and unify members of a group.  The Writebulb logo expresses our love of books and writing, our love of creativeness and ideas.  The light bulb is welcoming and warm; the book is open - a beacon for both existing members and new.  It portrays how the group functions and shows the open trusting environment we need in which to nurture our creative minds.

Our thanks go to Gill Sanchez who created the logo for us.  He has done a splendid job and we are very grateful.  Gill's website is:

One of the great things about Writebulb is the diversity of its members.  I think we have every genre of writing covered and at meetings it is apparent that we have myriad personalities and a diverse age group.  But we have so much more in common than our love of writing - we all participate and everyone's voice is heard.  We have created a caring community which supports, nurtures and encourages its members.

Our strength lies in our members and we move from strength to strength.


  1. Thanks for this post, Jane. I am so proud to be a co-Founder of Writebulb along with you, Brigid, and Kate. Roll on the next meeting!

  2. I agree with you both - I'm very proud to be part of Writebulb!