Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Sky's the Limit

Some days you run, some you walk and some you just get stuck in the mire.  Right now, I’m flying and this state of mind has been with me for a while now.  I feel I can accomplish anything and life is filled with only niggles, challenges or obstacles - not problems.  Definitely not problems.

Disposed to introspection as I am, this is a ponderous state of affairs.  I am not drinking or taking drugs, the weather hasn’t been particularly brilliant (no bright-blue-sunshine days), and I wonder what has lifted me high into the air, swooping with joy and riding on whispering breezes rather than battling against life’s cold north winds?  I’ve a sneaking suspicion it’s that I’ve finally found the courage to come out into the open and admit to those around me that I want to become a published author.  That I am working towards that goal, shamelessly.  So now when a certain friend asks ‘are you still writing your little stories?’, instead of feeling as if I am five years old and mumbling a sort of apology I am confident in my reply:  ‘Yes, I am most definitely writing and proud that this is my hobby’ (well I don’t say it quite so theatrically!).  Sometimes my hobby can be frustrating and sometimes I can feel alone, but that’s where Writebulb comes in (yep, I am going somewhere with this!).

Writebulb had its second meeting on Saturday and what a joy.  The staff at Chelmsford Library are doing a fantastic job supporting our group and have created and displayed a poster (the picture in this blog) around the library.  We had such a lovely mix of people again this month but what is so wonderful is that everyone is so supportive, wants to participate and we laugh!  I came away with such a warm feeling that has sent me straight back soaring above the clouds again with renewed energy and ideas.  The sky’s the limit?  I’m not sure – I’m aiming for higher!

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  1. I'm sure you'll whip past those clouds into the stratosphere and space without any problem at all!