Friday, January 14, 2011

Taking that first step

I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago; she told me that last weekend she and her daughter had gone to the pantomine in Southend. She tried to explain to me how much she’d laughed and laughed and laughed, but it was difficult to make out what she was saying because she was laughing so much. As she wiped her eyes she said she’d almost forgotten what it was like to laugh but that it felt good. And I knew how good it felt because I was laughing too and frankly I felt bloody brilliant just being with her.

And then last night I was talking to another friend and she said she had so much to say but she was unsure that she should write down everything she was thinking, everything that was inside her. But she’s a ball of energy, a creator of fire that sparks and energises others. Why would she think she perhaps shouldn’t let out what’s inside?

But me? I’m no different. I forget or, worse, try to ignore what I’m like inside, what life has to offer and how good it feels. And then wham, it’s there, its face in mine challenging me to dig deep and remember what I was, what I am.

I know I can write. A little. I may never be a great writer but you know what? My small skill is there and it can’t be ignored although God knows, I’ve tried. I’ve been busy. Trying to survive, pay bills, the usual. I’ve drawn life around me like a cloak. Kept out people, kept in my thoughts. Occasionally I’ve let in nagging persistent fingers of light that stir my soul and remind me of what I am but not often so trust me, it’s a big thing when I say out loud that I want to write. I want to capture life and energy and laughter and tears. I want to capture everything.

So here I am.

And for those of you who are worried about writing, don’t know how to take the first step I can honestly say that we at writebulb don’t have much idea either! But we have taken that first step to try to achieve our goals and we’ll do our best to help each other as much as we can along the way. Don’t let life slip away without recording whatever it is that you want to say - throw off those cloaks and, in the immortal words of Brigid – Light on, Write on!

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