Thursday, January 13, 2011

Come together, write now

Something powerful happens when writers come together.

From my experience attending write-ins for National Novel Writing Month, a group of writers working together in silence can be extremely motivating.

Looking up from my writing, and seeing others at work, lets me know that I'm not alone.  The work that my friends and family might dismiss as my "little hobby" is in fact the same work that has keeps them riveted to their seats during a good movie, or as they devour a newspaper or novel - the work that writers who stuck at their little hobby and turned it into piece worth publishing.

At the first open Writebulb meeting this month we asked writers to spend just ten minutes writing.  If they took nothing else from the meeting, we wanted them to at least leave with something they had produced.  We're serious about staying disciplined and supporting each other in our writing goals.

So, if you're reading this, look up.  If you can't see anyone else writing you can be sure that someone, somewhere is writing too.  So write, even if it's just for ten minutes.

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  1. That's very motivating, Stu. You're right, it really does help feeling connected to other writers as this can be such a solitary business.